Medical Writing by Jane Tricker Medical Editorial Services
Editing and proofreading

Editing services: copyediting, sub editing and proofreading

I am formally trained in medical and technical editing and proofreading, having attended a number of in-house training courses and undergone extensive mentoring in my early years with PJB Publications (now part of Informa).

In addition to the work that I do in the scientific, technical and medical (STM) sector (which forms the bulk of my editing and proofreading work), I have also edited or proofread publications as diverse as:

  • An edition of The Brownie Annual (Girlguiding UK)
  • Derivatives: Use, Trading & Regulation – the official journal of the futures and options association
  • A PhD thesis in social science
  • The Journal of Database Marketing


As a copyeditor I have worked on:

  • Manuscript editing for academic journals and supplements (including styling manuscripts to individual journal requirements)
  • Abstract books, posters, slide decks and other materials for symposia
  • Meetings reports
  • Training manuals
  • Web pages

Optional additional services are the development of a style guide for your publications and cross-checking of referenced claims against original references. Where the latter requires changes to marked-up references in Zinc, I can also do this.

My practice is to return two copies of the edited document – one version with tracked copy edits and a ‘clean’ version (including comments and queries for authors) for ease of reading.

Sub editing

My freelance editing work also includes sub editing news and web articles to the required length, as well as writing headlines, standfirsts (summaries) and picture captions for individual articles. For search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, I will also incorporate SEO keywords in body text and in titles, meta descriptions, alt attributes and image filenames.

Freelance proofreading

I am a highly-experienced proofreader of everything from book reviews to pharmaceutical leave pieces to highly technical primary research manuscripts to business reports.

Freelance Medical Writer